Echinacea [acrylics]

A painting, which shows the well-known medical plant in a different form.

Echinacea is a family of plants, of which the echinacea purpurea or purple coneflower is probably best known. Not only is it a beloved garden flower, but also a medical plant, used to cure irritating cough and a sore throat.

The coneflowers have different, very pretty colors, from white over yellow to pink and purple. But when the echinacea fades, the colors change into beautiful tints of light and dark brown, with a little bit of purple and orange.

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Echinacea Echinacea


Since I find echinacea still gorgeous, even when fading, I painted it this was. It is meant as a positive picture, because the beauty of the plant at the end of its live is the important idea, not the fading of it. Therefore, I added the lively and sunny yellow and green tints in the background.

The artwork is made with acrylics on MDF, on which I glued a piece of unbleached cotton fabric with a visible structure.

2017, acrylics on MDF with cotton fabric
24 x 30 cm (ca. 10 x 12 in)

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