Beechnut [acrylics]

A small nut plays the main role in this autumn painting.

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A beechnut, with the cupule opened a bit and revealing the two little nuts inside, resting on a layer of leaves. The lower part of the cupule let me think of the bow of a ship. For this reason, I exaggerated the form of the leaves’ edge so that they look similar to waves.

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Beechnut Beechnut (card)


The leaves of the common beech change their color from green over yellow to red-brown and dark-brown. Therefore, the main color of this painting is yellow ochre, with some brown in different tints here and there.

The artwork is made with acrylics on MDF board and sealed with varnish. It is framed in a wooden black frame (without glass).

2017, acrylics on MDF
26 x 32 x 2 cm (ca. 10.2 x 12.5 x 0.8 in) incl. frame


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The original artwork is available in my DaWanda shop for 149,- EUR, which includes shipment (for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, additional cost for other countries).
Photo: TMU creative works


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Beechnut Beechnut (card)
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Art print

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Photo: Oh My Prints

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