Sweet Pea [acrylics]

Atmospheric painting of sweet pea.

Original artwork for 159,- EUR | Cards & more from 1,88 EUR | Art prints from 11,- EUR

In Dutch, the plant family, to which the sweet pea belongs, is called the “butterfly plants”, because the petals have the form of butterfly wings and often are arranged to look like a butterfly as well. The sweet pea does not show this very clearly unfortunately, but to make up for this, it comes in a beautiful range of colors, from blue to purple with a bit of pink.

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Sweet Pea Sweet Pea

Initially, I donated this painting for an art auction for charity, but it did not receive any bids. It is painted with acrylics on stretched canvas, with a finishing of varnish. The sides are painted as well and it can be hung without a frame.

Sweet Pea
2017, acrylics on stretched canvas
30 x 40 cm (ca. 12 x 16 in)


Original artworks in my DaWanda shop

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The original artwork is available in my DaWanda shop for 159,- EUR.
Sweat Pea
Photo: TMU creative works


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In my RedBubble shop you can order a print of the artwork on various products, such as post cards, pillow cases and totebags. Prices differ depending on the product and start from 1,88 EUR.
Sweat Pea Sweat Pea (card)
Photos: RedBubble


Fine Art prints in my OhMyPrints shop

Art print

In my shop on Oh My Prints you can order a print of the artwork on canvas, aluminium, Xposer, framed or as wallpaper in fine art quality. Prices differ depending on the chosen product and start from 11,- EUR.
Sweat Pea
Photo: Oh My Prints

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