Since my childhood I love to walk alongside grain fields on warm summer days. There is something very special about summer grain and the typical grasses and flowers, which grow along the edges of a field.

A very special smell, when the sun shines bright and hot on the grain, the soft crackle sound if the wind blows a little bit, the typical light dust, which arises from the ripe plants and lets the air glow, and of course, the singing of grasshoppers.

Also, the colors keep on fascinating me, because they are so diverse, at the same time harmonic and full of contrast. I love nature’s colors anyway and find the color combinations, one can find in nature, especially beautiful.

So I started a series of paintings, depicting typical flowers & grasses one can find on fields and meadows.

All are painted with acrylics on stretched canvas, 9.5 x 11.8 in (24 x 30 cm).