Abstract Owl

Abstract painting of an owl.

Abstract painting of a Owl with a limited color palette. #abstractart #art #painting #tmucw

The idea of this painting was to make a kind of general representation of an owl, with limited shapes and colors.

owl, with limited shapes and colors.

Parts of the basic form of the owl in the middle are repeated several times, for example the round of the eyes. Where the lines overlap, new forms emerge, which remind of the environment of owls: leaves of trees.

The colors yellow and red represent the common color of owls, which is brown, because brown is a form of orange, which is a mixture of red and yellow.

Blue and green represent the forest, the natural habitat of owls, and the night in which owls are most active.

The painting is made with acrylic paint on acrylic paper. It is framed in a wooden frame with a front mat and glass. Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.5 in
(42 x 52 cm) .

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