Endless Time [acrylics]

Abstract figurative painting, based on Marilyn Monroe.

A while back I came across this photo of Marilyn Monroe on Pinterest:
Marilyn Monroe

Someone used it to illustrate the “line of action”, which gives this basically calm pose of Marilyn its dynamic feel. It impressed me to see this so clearly, and wanted to make something of it.

The “line of action” in the photo is kind of a lying S, from her leg, up her hip, down along the line of her breast and again upwards along the supporting arm to her head.
From this S-form I created different round and half-round compositions, which together form the symbol ∞ (infinity) a few times. I found this appropriate because Marilyn Monroe has been called a “timeless beauty” so many times.

But for people, time is not endless, it ticks on until one day it just stops. Therefore, I indicated a clock on the left side, and two crossing lines on the right side, which from a barrier for the little white dot, which is some kind of “end” as well. By the way, the dots and round forms are symbols for infinity too, because a circle has no start and no end.
The color lines, which come from the edges of the canvas and are integrated into the lines of the figure, symbolize the influence from the outside, which can change the perception of time and infinity.

To let the calm mood of the original photo come back in my painting, I used mostly harmonic colors, but included some contrast colors as well, to honor the “line of action” which brings movement and energy to the photo.

What looks like light brown on the photo of the painting, is a brass color with a little bit of gold it in. I chose this because a bit of luxury seems to be right for Marilyn Monroe.

The painting is made with acrylics on stretched canvas.

If you are interested in this painting, please send a message either by email or with the form on my contact page.

Endless Time
2017, acrylics on stretched canvas
60 x 80 cm (ca. 24 x 32 in)

Impressionist paintings by Tanja Udelhofen

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