Mini Making-Of „Colorful Fruit“

Short videos show some of the steps from sketch to finished painting.

Ususally, when in the painting process, I am so absorbed by the colors and forms that I kind of loose tracks with the world around me. It’s the feeling you have when you thought you were busy with something for maybe an hour, and then you look at your clock and it has been 4 hours or so.

In this state of mind, it is really hard to remember to take some pictures of the various states of a work in progress. In case of the set of 4 “Colorful Fruit” I managed to take 4 pictures of each painting separately, which is not much, but better than nothing.

Someday, I will hopefully have some kind of camera or phone stand, which allows me to just records the whole thing and make real videos. It’s on the list.

Until then, I try to remember taking pictures frequently…