Portrait of a woman 4 [acrylics]

Portrait of a woman in black and white in my positive-negative style.

A realistic portrait of a young woman, in which I turned parts – in this case triangles – around, well the color that is. Since it is painted in monochrome colors black-white/grey it created the nice positive-negative effect.

For the hair I used some gesso to create a small 3D effect. I made some small and somewhat scattered lines, which are not flat on the canvas but stick out a bit.

It is painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. The sides are painted as well, so it does not require a frame but is ready to hang on the wall.

Portrait of a woman 4
2017, acrylics on stretched canvas
30 x 40 cm (ca. 12 x 16 in)

Mini Making-Of-Video:

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