The Earth and The Moon [acrylics]

Starting from a drawing of a sitting woman, I developed this abstract figurative painting.

This is the result of a very frustrating week a while back. I was working on something completely different and everything went wrong. On Friday of that week I was so frustrated that I took the rest of paint I had on the palette and put it on the canvas more or less aimlessly. Then I put the canvas in a corner and did not want to look at it anymore. Until I had an idea a few days later.

This idea was surely inspired by the nice drawings of Corné Akkers with his Roundism and the interesting videos of SurajFineArts over his abstract art.

The abstract painting shows the relationship between the earth – as female figure with full and round forms – and the moon. Forever together, but never truly One, the moon influences the earth in several ways: physical (think of the tides), in perception (as with people who cannot sleep in full moon nights) and spirtual (with the moon as influential leader and godlike figure).

The main colors are light and dark brown for the earth, goldbrown and white for the moon and black for the night, which is the moon’s domain. On some spots some light goldcolored, coarse decoation sand gives the impression of soft moonlight shining on the earth.

If you are interested in this painting, please send a message either by email or with the form on my contact page.

Abstract female figure
2017, acrylics and sand on canvas
60 x 80 cm (about 24 x 32 in)

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