Portrait of a man with a top hat [acrylics]

The second portrait in the positive-negative style, which I also used for the portrait of a woman 2.

The layout gives the suggestion of a checkerboard pattern, which I always associate with surrealism and gambling. Probably due to drawings in a Alice in Wonderland book or movie when I was a child, where the chess board pattern is used very frequently. Early childhood impressions stick… ?

Furthermore, the top had resembles the idea of a circus, which is also the reason that the square around the nose lets it look like a false nose.

In my first few sketches I put one of the eyes in the negative. But this looked aweful, like a blind monster eye. Which was an effect I did not want.

Portrait of a man with a top hat
2017, acrylics on canvas
24 x 30 cm

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