Portrait of a little boy [acrylics]

One of my realistic portraits with some more abstract elements.

Monochromatic paintings with black and white can be enhanced with colors very nicely and in various ways. That’s why I like doing it. I love contrasts, no matter if colors, light-shadow of forms.

To paint the nice curly hair in a way that you think you could run your hand through it, was the biggest challenge in this painting. Several layers of paint with fast and short brush strokes, done from the wrist, easy without tension, to give the curls some springiness, brought the desired result.

I found it important to emphasize the boy’s relaxed attitude, and therefore chose to put the color mainly in a horizontal stripe.

A nice portrait of a cute little man, I think.

Portrait of a little boy
2017, acrylics on canvas
24 x 30 cm

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