Head Holder [digital painting]

Surrealist painting, made digitally with a pen tablet and Photoshop.

This painting took me a lot of time and I needed weeks to finish it.

I got the idea behind this painting when I read something about people hiding their true emotions behind a smiling face or a neutral face expression. Shortly after that I read something about evolution, and I was wondering if it could be possible that people change through evolution and loose their ability to show emotions or – in the most extreme case – loose their faces where emotions could be visible. Maybe because it would be better for the survival of the species if emotions – or at least their visibility – would disappear, because they cause too much trouble.

And if – over time – faces with expressions with disappear, a human face with the ability to show feelings would become something special and rare. Maybe even so rare that examples would be shown in museums, and teacher would talk about it during history and biology lessons.

For this reason I painted a kind of open-air museum where human faces (heads) are shown with clear emotions. Visitors have a look and talk about what they see, and none of them has a face on their own, because they do not exist anymore. How they can see or talk without a face? No idea… :o)

Head Holder
2010, digital

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