Portrait of a woman 2 [acrylics]

Another portrait of a woman, loosely based on a photo. I especially liked her attitude and the self-esteem and strength which she shows.

This is the first time that I put my idea of combining a realistic portrait with abstract elements into practice. In this case, I turned parts of the picture in its negative, so that light parts became dark and the other way around. To achieve the strongest possible effect, I painted the portrait in black, white and a scale of gray, while the original photo is a colored. Only the background and her lips include some dark red – I always liked the combination of black-white/gray and dark red.

It would be a very nice decoration for all modern interiors with clear lines and limited colors – especially rooms with a lot of white, black and red, of course.

Portrait of a woman 2
2017, acrylics on canvas
24 x 30 cm

If you are interested in this painting, please send a message either by email or with the form on my contact page.

Portrait of a woman, framed

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