Owl [acrylics]

Abstract painting of an owl.

Owls are an endangered species in Europe. The cutting down of old woods, which are the natural habitat of those cute birds, are one reason for the issue. I think it’s really sad, and that is why I made this painting or an owl.

I chose the abstract style because it seems to me that the fact that people are responsible for the extinction of animals and plants is still a somewhat abstract idea to many, something which happens “somewhere else” or “far away”.

In the center is a simplified form of an owl. I repeated basic forms of the owl, such as the round eyes or the triangel of the beak, throughout the painting.

The blue and green colors symbolize the night (because the owl is a nocturnal animal) and the woods, which is the natural habitat. I chose the yellow and red colors for three reasons:

  1. the natural color of owls, which is brown-ish, contains hues of yellow and red,
  2. both colors here are a symbol for the urgency when it comes to the protection not only of the owls or the woods, but all of nature and climate,
  3. and both colors form a nice contrast with the blues and greens.

If you are interested in this painting, please send a message either by email or via the form on my contact page.

2016, acrylics on paper
30 x 40 cm

Owl, abstract painting, framed

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