Portrait of a woman [acrylics]

The first thing that caught my eye when I saw the photo, which I used as a basis for this painting, was the beautiful and intensive contrast between the light and dark parts.

Strong contrasts often make any image particularly interesting, and in this case the woman’s face forms an interesting transition between the very dark background and the open door in light blue-gray colors.

The skin tone was a nice challenge, because taking the entire face into account, the skin tone is very complex. Layer by layer I built up the painting with a diversity of colors: aside from black and different browns I used tints of blue, red, yellow and purple, as well as greys and white for the light parts.

I wanted to show the positive attitude of this beautiful woman, and the openness of her glance.

Portrait of a woman
2017, Acrylics on canvas board
24 x 30 cm

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