Painting of yarrow in beautiful warm colors.

Impressionist painting of Yarrow in gorgeous warm autumn colors. #acrylicpainting #autumncolors #art #artwork #impressionist #tmucw

For the last painting, I chose the yarrow, because it is such a common plant, or rather: a plant family, since there are more than one hundred different sorts. I know mostly the one which likes to grow on the edges of fields, because I have seen it on numerous walks. It’s the kind with white blossoms, which grow like a little roof above the stem and form light spots between the green and brown of the surrounding plants.

However, for this painting I chose not to emphasize the white of the blossoms, but the distinctive form of the plant. And since it I October already, I placed the yarrow in the evening sun, with autumn like, warm colors.

Painted with acrylics on stretched canvas, including the sides, so that it can be hung on the wall without a frame. Size: 9.5 x 11.8 in (24 x 30 cm).

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