Roses [pastels]

Pastel drawing of roses on black paper.

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The roses grow in the neighbors’ garden and sometimes a few of them slip through the fence. When in the evening the last sunlight shines on them, the background already black, it lights up the colors of the petals and green leaves. Just like a little greeting from the neighbors.

I drew the roses on black paper, because it really brings out the colors. The drawing is made with several layers of soft pastels and pastel pencils, op special pastel paper.

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Roses by Tanja Udelhofen Roses


To be able to draw a soft color gradient, such as I did with the green leaves from light to dark, the colors are drawn on or next to each other and then smudged with the fingers or a paper stump or tortillon, also called a blending stick. It is usually made from paper.

If a color needs to be softened on the paper, but should not mix with another color, the underlying layer of pastels needs to be fixed first with a fixative. I did this with the initial outlines, so that you can see the white lines here and there.

2011, pastels on pastel paper
20 x 20 cm (ca. 8 x 8 in)


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Roses pastel drawing by TMU creative works Roses card
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Roses pastel drawing by TMU creative works
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